At Edenscapes, our multi-specialty team is available to turn your dream garden into reality. Our end-to-end process ensures that you are involved at every step, and your personal EdenScape exceeds your expectations in every way.


  1. We start with the initial conversation over the phone where our focus is to understand your project scope and to discuss how EdenScapes can work with you to develop your landscape or special garden design.
  2. We schedule an appointment to meet and get to know each other.  This face to face conversation would include further discussion of the scope of the project, your goals and long-term plans, how you want to use your outside space, favorite garden plants and styles, existing conditions that might influence the design, potential challenging situations, budget considerations, a discussion about the time frame for implementation, and landscape maintenance information.


  1. We send you a summary of the first meeting to ensure mutual understanding about your goals and expectations.  You will be able to review the fee structure and process for our design services.
  2. Upon your approval, we make an additional site visit to measure and document your property as it is today.  From this information, we will produce a base map from which to work on the new design.
  3. We develop design concepts, hardscape layout, and plant selections, tailored to your property.  
  4. We then present a scaled and rendered Landscape Plan, including a review of photos of the plants in the palette, appropriate concept illustrations, the anticipated installation sequence, and the overall cost to install.  
  5. We incorporate your feedback on the Landscape Plan, and work with you until it is exactly what you are looking for.


  1. Upon your acceptance of the plan and deposit payment, we begin installation!
  2. We keep you up to date as the work progresses, and incorporate any changes you’d like along the way.

Follow-up and Maintenance

  1. We will visit your property one month after completion to ensure your satisfaction.  
  2. Maintenance can start with routine visit, replacing dead plants at the end of warranty period, managing irrigation system, etcetera.


Call or text us!  (610) 299-2557